7 Etiquette Rules Every Home Seller Should Know

08/11/19 by Kristine Fajardo


If you’re trying to sell your home, you’ve probably scrutinized it, staged it, and scrubbed it down as if the folks from Architectural Digest were stopping by for a cover shoot. Okay, so it’s in immaculate shape — but your home isn’t the only thing under scrutiny here. You are, too. That’s right: No matter how nice your home is, your behavior can also affect how buyers feel about making an offer, according to the experts at Ebby Halliday Realtors.


Below are seven etiquette rules sellers should follow to show their home — and themselves — in the best possible light.


  • Leave — Sure, you want to know if prospective buyers will love what you’ve done with the kitchen, but agents agree that sellers should not be there lurking in the shadows during an open house or showing.


  • Take your pets with you — You may think your dog is the cutest ever, but not everyone is likely to share that opinion. In addition to having allergies, some home shoppers may not be in the market for a run-in with an animal they don’t know.


  • Move your car — Make it easy for visitors to park and view your home. No one likes parking issues. Having them is a sure way to get a viewing off to a bad start.


  • Offer some refreshments — House hunters can get tired and parched. You can help. Putting out a few small bottled waters in a bowl of ice is always appreciated, along with some light, easy grab-and-go refreshments such as mints or cookies.


  • Be patient waiting for feedback — Of course, you’re anxious to know what buyers thought of your home, but that information may not flow back to you instantaneously. It’s reasonable to ask for feedback from your agent after the showing, but understand it may take a day or two for the buyer’s agent to respond.


  • Don’t be greedy — Who doesn’t want top dollar for their home? But an unwillingness to negotiate can kill a possible deal and keep your home on the market long after you were hoping to be unpacking at your new place.


  • Listen to the professionals — If your Realtor has some suggestions for improvements that may help sell your home faster, take them to heart but don’t take them personally. Keep emotions out and listen to what a licensed, trained, professional has to say about your house.


Selling a home can be complicated. Fortunately, there’s an Ebby Halliday Realtor to help lead you through the process. Visit the award-winning, mobile-friendly ebby.com to find your agent today.